GDTS Products Hot water small instantaneous water heater DZU 353 Image

DZU 353.

Compact continuous-flow heater for pre-heated water
with an output of 3.5 kW.

Perfect for the washbasin.

The 3.5 kW DZU 353 is a hydraulically controlled compact continuous-flow heater designed for moderate water temperatures. For example for the washbasin. Just insert the plug in the socket and you're done – ideal for self-installers. The hot water outflow temperature can be adjusted during installation by way of the flow adjuster.

  • Pressure-tight execution. For invisible built-under installation, e.g. under the sink in a kitchen cabinet.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Non-sensitive. To air bubbles.
  • Integrated sieve in the water inlet. For reliable protection against dirt.
  • Standby and operation indicator.
  • Very efficient. Energy efficiency class A.

Technical data.

Rated power: 3.5 kW, with plug

Energy efficiency category*: A

Hot water temperature: up to 50 °C

Net weight: 2.2 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 209 x 229 x 85 mm

*Range of energy efficiency category from A+ to F

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