Air-to-water heat pump. 11 kW heat output.

The universal heat pump model.

The LI 11TES is an air-to-water heat pump for flexible indoor installation close to living areas. With 11 kW heat output, it is designed for a living area of up to 250m². Flexible expansion options are available thanks to the universal design. From the distribution system to the hot water connection. It can also be combined with a piece wood burner and solar thermal systems (bivalent renewable) or oil and gas heating systems (bivalent fossil). The design is extremely compact with a pipe heater already installed (2, 4 and 6 kW).

  • Naturally quiet. Low-noise axial fan. Encapsulated compressor chamber and free swinging compressor base plate for solid-borne sound insulation.
  • Expansion options. Bivalent or bivalent-renewable operation, distribution systems with mixed and unmixed heating circuits (e.g. underfloor heating and radiators). Even more efficient room temperature control Smart-RTC+.
  • Future-orientated. Use of load-variable tariffs or self-produced PV-electricity possible: SmartGrid Ready. Even more efficient room temperature control Smart-RTC+.
  • Flexible. The integrated air circuit enables corner or wall installation with air ducts at the air intake and the air outlet side.
  • Space-saving. Extremely compact design with installed pipe heater (2 / 4 / 6 kW).

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