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ZL 105 HA.

Central domestic ventilation unit with
heat recovery for up to 70 sqm.

Ventilate small areas centrally.

With this compact device, even small apartments and houses up to 70 sqm can be aerated and ventilated in an energy-efficient way. Installation takes place on the ceiling or on the floor. The integrated real-time clock with week timer can be adapted individually to the resident. The LCD control panel also shows when the filter has to be replaced. The control can be optionally expanded for demand-based air quantity control by determining the exhaust air quality with an air quality sensor. The optional smoke detector also ensures that the ventilation unit is switched off for safety reasons in the event of a fire. A C-version is also available with integrated air manifold for an even flatter, more compact design. The ventilation system is especially effective in combination with the GDTS air distribution system Air 56.

  • Ventilation unit for ceiling-mounted or floor installation.
  • Extremely flat and lightweight design with integrated air manifold.
  • Targeted and controlled aeration and ventilation of apartments: for a healthy and pleasant indoor air at any time of year.
  • Extremely efficient. Integrated heat exchanger uses the heat from the exhaust air to warm the fresh supply air.
  • Lasting comfort. Quiet fans, low maintenance requirements, an attractive service-package with extended warranty.
  • Guaranteed hygienic – also suitable for allergy sufferers. Effective pollen protection thanks to the high filter quality.
  • User-friendly control. Many functions can be selected via plain text menu.

Technical data.

Air volume flow: 50/70/90 m³/h

Energy efficiency category*: A/B

Degree of heat recovery: max. 88 %

Heat supply rate: max. 86 %

Air filter class: M5

Dimensions (W x H x D): 890 x 170 x 510 mm

Air duct connection
(passive-house compatible components): 4x DN 125

*Range of energy efficiency category from A+ to G

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