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DEE 1821.

Electronically controlled continuous-flow heater with 18/21 kW output.

Perfect for everyday hot water supply.

An electronically controlled continuous-flow heater with three bare-wire heating elements. The slight vibration prevents lime-scaling. The twin-power technology means the rated output of the DEE 1821 is switchable (18/21 kW). The rotary controller is a quick and easy way to select different temperatures: for washing hands, showering, washing dishes, etc. The installation template makes the unit compatible with the predecessor DEE ..02, DEE ..03 series.

  • Twin-power. Rated output switchable 18/21 kW.
  • Quick and easy. Operating modes quickly and easily selectable by rotary controller.
  • Slim casing. Just 10 cm deep.
  • Faster flushing-out of air bubbles thanks to new hydraulic concept, resulting in less pressure loss.
  • No lime-scaling. Thanks to bare-wire heating element.
  • Very efficient. Energy efficiency class A.

Technical data.

Rated power: 18.0/21.0 kW

Energy efficiency category*: A

Hot water temperature: up to 60 °C

Net weight: 3.3 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 236 x 472 x 99 mm

*Range of energy efficiency category from A+ to F

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