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DHW 300VD+.

Central domestic ventilation unit with domestic hot water heat pump
for up to 220 m³/h air volume flow.

Efficient ventilation and domestic hot water preparation.

The DHW 300 VD+ combines perfect ventilation and domestic hot water preparation, thus guaranteeing fresh air at all times and maximum protection from moisture in the rooms. With central exhaust air removal, decentral fresh air backflow and a 280l domestic hot water cylinder, which delivers full performance even at –7 °C. With low planning, installation and maintenance requirements, also an added advantage for the housing industry with decentral domestic hot water preparation and ventilation. The integrated PV function means that increasing the amount of power from the PV system can easily be achieved. The additional, built-in heat exchanger makes it possible to integrate an external heat generator.

  • Efficient. Heat recovery from the indoor exhaust air for domestic hot water preparation.
  • Intelligent storage. Use your own photovoltaic energy for domestic hot water – with freely adjustable temperature settings.
  • Compatible in many ways. Remote control via energy management or building management systems possible via RS-485 interface.
  • Control. LC display with capacitive touch control.
  • Cleverly combined. The connection of the ventilation function to the domestic hot water preparation guarantees the air exchange in the apartment.
  • Good-looking. Compact dimensions and modern design for the installation room.
  • Decentralised. The added advantage for the housing industry.

Technical data.

Energy efficiency category* : A+

Application area residential units: up to approx. 160 m2

Connected load max. (incl. heating element ): 2.2 kW

Ventilation levels: 80/150/220 m3/h

Coefficient of performance (COP): 3.32**

Net weight: 123 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 740 x 1867 x 776 mm

*Range of energy efficiency category from A+ to F

** Heating up of the nominal volume from 15°C to 60°C at an air intake temperature of 15°C and a relat. humidity of 70 % (in accordance with EN 16141)

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