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Modern country life.


Modern country life in a weekend home.
With sustainability and design quality.

More and more people love being in the countryside, just like Corinna Brix, a photographer from Munich. Together with her family, this successful photographer and stylist has created a refuge from the daily grind, well away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sustainability plays a big role – in terms of heating as well.

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“Countrywoman” with style.

“We are enjoying a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why it was clear to us that we needed to consider ecological materials and sustainability when building our holiday home. Cities are challenging places, especially when you have children. That’s why we wanted to create a home in the countryside where we could spend weekends and holidays.”

Corinna Brix, 41, works as a photographer and stylist in Munich during the week and spends her weekends in the Upper Bavarian Weil near Ammersee.


The perfect mix of styles.

The wooden house was designed to their individual requirements with an architect. The bungalow, which stretches out over three levels, is reminiscent of a Japanese tea house. Most of the natural building materials came from the region.

The stylist skilfully selected furnishings that provided a mix of vintage items, heirlooms from her grandparents and recycled items. The spacious plot of land was laid out in the style of a natural farm garden.

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Heating sustainably.

The heating system, which is an environmentally-sensitive issue, took centre stage in the house’s technology. Fossil fuels? Corinna Brix didn’t even consider them. That’s why she chose an air-to-water heatpump. The power and energy efficiency of such heat pumps impressed her. But that wasn’t enough for her. After extensive research, she found what she was looking for: the “System M Compact” heat pump from Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions.

“I was immediately convinced by the simple design, the personalised configuration options, how easy it is to operate and how quietly the heat pump runs,” said Corinna Brix. She chose the outdoor installation in simple silk grey and a contrasting, darker casing.

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Design as a big plus point.

“I was especially convinced by the heat pump’s design and the fact that I could customise it to my requirements. It’s not a grey lump of metal. Instead, it’s a stylish cuboid that fits perfectly into the natural environment.”

About the German Design Award 2018

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Very smart, at home and away.

Corinna Brix: “The system can also be very easily controlled via your smartphone using the GDTS Home App. If we want to spend the weekend in our holiday home then I start the system up in the morning from Munich using my smartphone. When we get to Weil in the evening, the rooms are already nice and warm, and the 180 litre domestic hot water tank has been heated up.”

Corinna Brix: “The investments made in the system were paid off within five years and by using air as the heat source, the system is very environmentally friendly as well.”