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Good design
is both functional
and environmentally friendly.

“As a designer, I naturally had clear ideas
of what I want from a house.”

Marco A. Mueller has travelled throughout the world. Mainly, he commutes between China and the German Hisense office in Kronach. This is where you can find some of the style icons he came up with as a long-time product designer for a German entertainment electronics manufacturer.

Last year, Marco A. Mueller and his wife Eva had a house built in Burgkunstadt. “I love peace and tran-quillity, authenticity and simplicity. As a designer, I naturally had clear ideas of what I want from a house.”

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The perfect match.

He found the perfect architect in André Rösch. Rösch immediately understood his way of thinking when it comes to function and form. Like Marco A. Mueller he is a cosmopolitan urbanite with a love of Franconian rural life.

Together they came up with a simple rectangular structure with two floors in a wood stand construction. Wood, metal, glass, open spaces. You will not find any protrusions, corners and unnecessary angles in the house. There are only walls where they have an important function and even then they are smooth and white.

It makes up a harmonious whole.

“With the house’s architecture we took the same approach as you do with good product design. We conceived the house from the inside, in terms of function.

For me, good design has to be much more than just aesthetic. It has to be innovative, understandable, honest, discreet, timeless, consistent but also functional and environmentally friendly. Of course, as a designer I focus particularly on authentic materials, quality and sustainability.” Marco Mueller said.

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the environment.

“Because of the current climate debate, there was never any question of using fossil fuels. I see the heat pump as the heating medium of the future – sustainable and environmentally friendly. Another attraction is that you can also use it for cooling.

When it came to choosing a manufacturer, I very quickly decided on System M from Glen Dimplex. And not just because it was my architect’s recommendation. I was simply very impressed with the overall package.”

Marco Mueller on System M.

An expert

“As well as choosing the right architect, choosing the installation company was very important”, Mueller adds.

Heinz Brückner Sanitär und Heizungstechnik from Großheirath ensured a rapid and clean installation process. The coolant line and connections for the outdoor unit were installed almost invisibly. This was very important for the designer.


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Compact format.

Marco Mueller decided to locate the simple, compact indoor in his utility room.

For 210 square metres of living space, Marco A. Mueller installed the System M Comfort Cooling package with 12 kW output. He uses the system for underfloor heating, for domestic hot water preparation and also for cooling in the summer.

Inspiring technology.

“The touch display and the user interface are functional and really well designed. All you have to do is draw an “M” with your finger on the display and you’re in. Operation is intuitive and really simple. And no matter where I am in the world, I can use my smartphone to check and program the parameters of my heat pump any time and anywhere.”

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Intelligent details.

The Smart RTC room controllers that Marco A. Mueller installed in his house are responsible for checking the set and actual temperatures and reporting them to the heat pump. The heat pump's heating curve is then adjusted depending on the temperature difference.

The energy available in the house is distributed to the spaces that require heat without the heat pump having to be turned on; it only operates when the available energy is no longer sufficient.

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“This is how I think contemporary smart heating technology should work. Consistently high quality in its function and design - and with plenty of added value.”

Marco A. Müller