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SC series.

 Plug-in universal solution
 for precise and
 economical cooling.

The intelligent platform cooling solution.

The SC chiller is a ready-to-plug-in universal solution that provides precise, economical cooling for a wide range of processes. The unit is extremely versatile and compact. The devices are equipped with a tank and a pump, and can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the machine to be cooled. All models in the SC series are in stock ready for quick delivery. All our chiller systems are compact, factory-assembled condensing units suitable for an immense range of industrial applications. If the SC models are not sufficient for your application, we offer low-cost and reproducible adaptations based on the series device.

  • Plug-in universal solution. SC series chillers provide precise, economical cooling for a wide range of processes.
  • Versatile and extremely compact. Equipped with a tank and a pump, the devices can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the machine to be cooled.
  • Quick delivery. Available directly from stock with refrigeration capacities from 1.7 to 13.3 kW.
  • Dependable. It goes without saying that all models fulfil the current valid EC directives, standards and regulations: ISO 9001, EN 378, VDE and BGV.
  • Equipment features. Refrigeration circuit with thermostatic expansion valve, microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation with target and actual value display, tank with integrated float switch, pump, bypass, collective fault signal, limit temperature monitoring, floating collective fault signal and remote start.
  • Additional options. Assemblies delivered separately. Dirt filter for the water circuit, overflow valve, and castor and fixed wheels from SC31.

Technical data.

Models in the SC series: 11 / 21 / 31 / 51 / 71 / 101 / 121

Net refrigeration capacity: 1,7 kW – 13,3 kW

Type of refrigerant: R134a

Refrigerant fluid:Water (ethylene glycol proportion
can be up to 35% vol %)

Ambient temperature: + 15 to + 45 °C

Refrigerant outlet temperature: + 13 to + 25 °C

Target temperature constancy: +/– 1 K

Cooling air flow: 740 m³/h – 5150 m²/h

Sound pressure level: 44 dB(A) – 61 dB(A)

Maximum power consumption: 1,7 kW – 7,5 kW

Maximum current consumption: 8,0 – 14,5 A

Power supply: 400V / 3PH / 50Hz

All series models:


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