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DEE 2127.

Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater
with 21/24/27 kW output.

So water gets hot quickly.

The electronically controlled DEE 2127 instantaneous water heater with bare-wire heating elements has three switching levels 21 / 24 / 27 kW. The various modes - washing hands, showering, rinsing - can be set quickly and easily at the rotary control in the setting range 20 °C - 60 °C.

The DEE 2127 can be used for a wide range of applications thanks to its adjustable maximum outlet temperature of 60 °C (normal operation), 53 °C (showers), 48 °C (eco mode) and 42 °C (vulnerable people, e.g. nurseries, retirement homes, etc.). Thanks to the scald protection, the instantaneous water heater can regulate down for the room in need of protection without the need for adjustment.

Installation is particularly easy, as the hydraulic block consisting of the heating block with the sensors, the water hoses and the control and power module can be removed. This prevents damage during installation. The mounting frame can simply be placed on the wall and then the hydraulic block is reinserted. Holes are integrated into the mounting frame so that the DEE 2127 is compatible with other models in the event of replacement.

The DEE 2127 instantaneous water heater is ideal for reheating when operating with preheated water (e.g. heat pump, hot water heat pump, solar system, electronic hot water cylinder, etc.).
If hot water is produced via the heating heat pump or domestic hot water heat pump, it is not necessary to raise one or two taps to the desired temperature, e.g. to 50 °C. The heating heat pump can also only heat up to 40 °C and the DTE heats up to 50 °C.

The air bubble detection recognises air bubbles that flow through the flow meter with the water as flow fluctuations and activates the cold rinse phase as soon as fluctuations (air bubbles) are detected.

The cold rinse phase is a rinsing programme in which the appliance does not heat for a certain period of time. This ensures that any air bubbles are removed from the heating block.

The mains connection terminal can be connected in three different positions.

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