Dimplex System E Wärmepumpe für Heizungstausch

System E.

The heat pump for heating replacement.

The highly efficient System E air/water heat pump system is not only optimized for the rapid replacement of existing systems, but also for operation with radiators.
At the same time, it operates with the climate-friendly refrigerant R290 and is particularly quiet. System E is compatible with existing heating system components, such as fossil or renewable heat generators, hot water storage tanks and photovoltaic systems, and is therefore ideally suited to the challenges of refurbishment. 
System E can be installed extremely quickly with ready-to-connect and practical system components and sets new standards in heating system replacement with simplified commissioning and online support.
If the flow temperatures need to be reduced, Dimplex also supplies suitable heat pump radiators.

Your benefits with System E:

1 Perfect for replacing heating systems.
High flow temperatures when required: 65°C at -10°C outside temperature and up to 60°C for DHW heating. Particularly suitable for renovation projects with radiators. Highly efficient: Efficiency at 55°C like low-temperature systems. Special heat pump radiators for optimum comfort.

2 A system for everyone.
Online tutorials for easy installation, accessible via QR codes on the device. Pre-assembled accessories & expansion modules. Compatible with existing system components.

3 Top service & optimum operation.
Commissioning & system check by Dimplex. Warranty extension up to 10 years. Online maintenance and remote diagnosis. Heat pump community for system optimization. Optional cooling with dew point-controlled mixer control to reliably prevent condensate.

4 Sustainable, environmentally friendly & future-proof.
Natural refrigerant R290. Pleasantly quiet. Inverter technology for efficient, energy and cost-optimized operation. Can be flexibly combined with existing heat generators or PV systems thanks to the simple use of load-variable tariffs with SG Ready. Durable, corrosion-resistant façade. Made in Germany.

Dimplex System E Highlights

R 290: Propane as a refrigerant



Dimplex develops an optimized safety concept for each heat pump, tailored to the requirements of the components and refrigerants to ensure smooth, safe operation. A particularly sophisticated safety concept has been developed for the latest generation of heat pumps with R290 refrigerant, so that System E can be safely installed close to the wall.

In addition to its environmentally friendly properties, R290 has other advantages: compared to conventional refrigerants, it achieves a higher degree of efficiency and therefore improved efficiency - ideal for high flow temperatures required for radiators or commercial applications.

System E umweltfreundlich mit Propan R290
Dimplex Wärmepumpe System E besonders leise

Optimized for quiet operation



An extremely low sound power level of 49 dB(A) makes System E one of the quietest heat pumps in its performance class. The compressor and fan performance have been perfectly matched. System E is naturally quiet even at high heat outputs thanks to the EC axial fan and vibration-decoupled compressor with inverter technology. This makes siting particularly easy - even on densely built-up or small properties: The sound power level, together with the installation conditions of the safety concept, offers many possibilities. Thanks to inverter technology, the heat pump is designed for continuous operation.


Harmonious in front of the house facade



The compact outdoor unit has been carefully crafted from durable materials. Plastic parts have been avoided as far as possible. This gives System E a particularly high-quality appearance in front of the house façade and blends harmoniously, timelessly and discreetly into its surroundings.

Dimplex System E vor Hausfassade
Dimplex System E Außeneinheit vor Haus

"All-round service"



Dimplex service does not end with commissioning. Extensive, individually bookable services have been developed for System E for greater safety and convenience: For worry-free operation with a maximum warranty period of up to 10 years, each system can be controlled, monitored and optimized remotely via an Internet connection. Heat pump owners can compare their user behavior with users of similar systems via a heat pump community and optimize accordingly if they connect the system online. System E can also be monitored and controlled from anywhere via the Dimplex Home app.

Special Mention award for System E from Dimplex



System E has won a "German Innovation Award - Special Mention" in the "Excellence in Business to Business - Energy Solution" category. The award recognizes outstanding innovation in the booming market for heat pumps, especially in the refurbishment of existing buildings. The German Innovation Award honors products, technologies and services that break new, innovative ground and offer solutions that stand out due to their added value for users and the environment.

System E German Innovation Award 2023

Comprehensive installation support

With ready-to-connect and practical system components, System E can be installed particularly quickly and sets new standards in heating replacement with simplified commissioning and online support. 
Commissioning is intuitive on the 4.3 inch touch display. The EasyOn commissioning assistant guides the specialist step by step to the optimum heating settings.
There are QR codes on the products and functional accessories that can be scanned to access self-explanatory video instructions. These explain the installation step by step.
System E Comfort offers a wide range of optional system extensions to meet the diverse requirements of existing systems, for example a ready-to-install set for extending an additional heating circuit or a set for integrating existing boilers or solar thermal systems. Existing components can thus be efficiently and quickly integrated into the new heating system.

Two variants
for all cases.

System E Pure

Air-to-water heat pump for heating & cooling with wall-mounted heat pump manager WPM Touch



+ Controller with flexible options for integrating hot water or buffer storage tanks of individual sizes

+ for combination with fossil or regenerative heat generators, or for using existing installations/components

+ maximum flexibility: thanks to the wall-mounted WPM Touch heat pump manager, customized system solutions can be created

+ color-coded function blocks of the controller enable simple integration, e.g. bivalent operation, hot water and swimming pool preparation, unmixed and mixed heating and cooling circuits


System E Comfort

Air/water heat pump for heating & cooling with Hydrotower incl. 300 l hot water + 100 l buffer cylinder



+ Combination with an internally installed Hydrotower, high system efficiency and control designed for operation with radiators for rapid heating replacement

+ for buildings with larger hot water requirements - up to 6 people

+ Connection options for an additional fossil or regenerative heat generator

+ with integrated buffer cylinder