Reversible brine-to-water heat pump for indoor installation. 35 kW heat output.

Highly efficient heating and cooling.

The SI 35TUR is a highly efficient brine-to-water heat pump for heating and cooling.

The cooling can take place actively via the refrigeration circuit and passively via an external heat exchanger. The control is so intelligent that it uses the natural cooling for as long as possible, cooling directly via the cold brine of the geothermal probe. The system only switches automatically to active cooling operation in case of high cooling requirements or if the temperature of the probes is too high. The cooled heating water can also be used for cooled ceilings based on the dew point (silent cooling) via the integrated control for dynamic cooling. Cooling is also already used as standard in offices and commercial buildings, as cool heads work more efficiently. A reversible heat pump can fulfil both requirements easily with minimal additional costs: Heating and cooling.

  • Versatile. Heating, cooling, domestic hot water preparation – everything with one system. Heat pumps for using environmental energy from the ground or waste heat from industrial processes.
  • More efficiency. Thanks to electronically regulated circulating pumps and demand-based partial load operation for higher coefficients of performance.
  • Heating and cooling. Maximum flow temperatures for heating up to 62 °C, minimum flow temperatures for cooling 8 °C.
  • More domestic hot water comfort. Demand-based domestic hot water preparation with short reheating times.
  • Powerful. Reversible brine-to-water heat pump with a heat output of up to 35 kW and a cooling capacity of up to 45 kW (cascadable for higher outputs).
  • More as standard. The direction of flow is reversed by a hydraulic reversing valve in cooling operation. The heat pump runs with maximum efficiency in heating and cooling operation.
  • Technical Data.

    Energy efficiency class* with 35 °C flow temperature: A+++

    Heat output B0/W35: 18,4 kW

    COP B0/W35: 5,1

    Heat output max. B0/W35: 33,7 kW

    COP B0/W35: 4,6

    Cooling capacity B20/W18: 22,9 kW

    EER B20/W18: 7,8

    Lower operating limit heat source (heating operation): -5 Grad

    Upper operating limit heat source (heating operation): 25 Grad

    Lower operating limit heat source (cooling operation): 10 Grad

    Upper operating limit heat source (cooling operation): 30 Grad

    Max. flow temperature: 62 Grad

    Sound pressure level in 1 m (indoors): 42 dB(A)

    Width: 1000 mm

    Height: 885 mm

    Depth: 810 mm

    Weight: 305 kg

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