LA 0712BW

LA 0712BW

LA 0712BW

High efficiency air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation incl. domestic hot water preparation. 12 kW heat output. 300 l domestic hot water cylinder.

A package tailor-made for large living areas.

An impressive 260 sqm can be supplied with energy-efficient heat. The Hydro-Tower HWK 332Econ5S also enables domestic hot water preparation for up to 6 people in the home. Already integrated: the heat pump manager for control, a 300 l domestic hot water cylinder, a 100 l buffer tank, as well as three circulating pumps and the safety valve. This makes installation extremely easy and convenient. Ideal for newly built single family homes.

Technical Data.

Heat output max. A7/W35 | COP A7/W35: 11,3 kW | 4,8

Energy efficiency class* with 35 °C flow temperature: A++

Cooling capacity A27/W18: 8,6 kW

EER A27/W18: 3,7

Lower operating limit heat source (heating operation): -22 Grad

Upper operating limit heat source (heating operation): 35 Grad

Max. flow temperature: 60 Grad

Indoor component width: 710 mm

Height indoor component: 1890 mm

Depth indoor component: 950 mm

Indoor component weight: 205 kg

Sound pressure level in 10 m: 30 dB(A)

Sound pressure level in 10 m (lowered operation): 28 dB(A)

Width: 910 mm

Height: 1650 mm

Depth: 750 mm

Weight: 470 kg

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