High-temperature water-to-water heat pump for indoor installation. 120 kW heat output.

Heat larger areas with groundwater.

The WIH 120TU is extremely high-performance with its approx. 120 kW and designed for areas up to 2600 sqm in both commercial and residential buildings. For heating, as well as domestic hot water preparation – with a flow temperature up to 70° C. It is therefore ideal for new apartment blocks or those undergoing renovation. Thanks to its high energy efficiency, it can fulfil the standard EnEV requirements and the Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG) easily.

  • Extremely high performance. Designed for areas up to 2600 m².
  • Fast installation. Variable connection options for heating connections on the rear wall of the casing. Access for service work from the front, no minimum clearance required on the sides, accessible from underneath with a lift truck.
  • Excellent efficiency values. Demand-based regulation via two compressors in the refrigeration circuit – if only one is required, the other switches off.
  • Always comfortable. Quick domestic hot water preparation via a flow temperature up to 70 °C – depending on the day consumption.
  • Future-orientated. Use of load-variable tariffs or self-produced PV-electricity possible: SmartGrid Ready.
  • Legal requirements fulfilled. Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG) and EnEV requirements.
  • Technical Data.

    Energy efficiency class* with 35 °C flow temperature: A+++

    Heat output W10/W35: 70,5 kW

    Heat output max. W10/W35: 126,6 kW

    COP W10/W35: 5,5

    Lower operating limit heat source (heating operation): 7 Grad

    Upper operating limit heat source (heating operation): 25 Grad

    Max. flow temperature: 70 Grad

    Sound pressure level in 1 m (indoors): 55 dB(A)

    Width: 1350 mm

    Height: 1890 mm

    Depth: 805 mm

    Weight: 807 kg

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