GDTS Products universal domestic hot water cylinder 100 S Image

DHWE 100 S.

Electric universal domestic hot water cylinder
for wall mounting with 100 l capacity.

There’s even enough for a deep bath.

The DHWE 100 S is the biggest of the electronically controlled domestic hot water wall-mounted cylinders. Here too, the device has a learning function (Smart Memory) and thus adapts to the individual requirements. This makes particularly energy-efficient operation possible. With a capacity of 100 litres and a clever quick-heat function for additional domestic hot water consumption, you can even fill the bath easily.

  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Learning function. For prompt domestic hot water supply (Smart Memory).
  • Automatic thermal disinfection.
  • Key operation with LED bar indicator.
  • Control. Rated output 2.0, demand-based control.
  • Pressure-tight execution. For closed or open operation.

Technical data.

Rated power: 2.0 kW

Energy efficiency category*: C

Hot water temperature: 15 up to 70 °C

Net weight: 41 kg

*Range of energy efficiency category from A+ to F

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