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Great performance.
Great effect.

If you're planning big things, you need a highly efficient system:
Dimplex heat pump systems, from 20 to 140 kW.

Simply great efficiency.

Perfectly designed heating and cooling systems for large-scale projects.

Whether for multi-family dwellings, multi-storey apartment buildings, or large-scale industrial or commercial projects: Dimplex offers the right solution for all applications. Including heat recovery, hot water supply, and use of multiple energy sources. Our on-site experts will be glad to draw up a tailored energy efficiency concept.

By professionals. For professionals.


High-efficiency air-to-water heat pump LA-TU COM with up to 60kW heat output.

Offers flexible outdoor installation for heating and cooling.

More information on the products:

> LA 25TU-2

> LA 40TU-2

> LA 60TU-2 

> LA 60S-TU


GDD High-efficiency air-to-water heat pump LA-TU COM with up to 60kW heat output image

Extremely high performance. With a new design.

Air-to-water heat pump with higher flow temperature.

Which heat pump is best for me?

Residential building or office? Hot water supply or heating? With or without heat recovery? Our planning experts will be glad to help.

Geothermal energy on a large scale.

Brine-to-water heat pump SI COM with performance ranges from 26 to 130kW. Including passive cooling.




The SI TU COM high-efficiency brine-to-water heat pump, featuring two performance levels, optionally utilises the ground or waste heat as its heat source.

More information on the products:

> SI 26TU
> SI 35TU
> SI 50TU
> SI 75TU
> SI 90TU
> SI 130TU

The SIH TU COM high-temperature brine-to-water heat pump, featuring two performance levels, provides a flow temperature of up to 70 °C for heating and hot water supply.

More information on the product:

> SIH 90 TU


The SI TUR COM reversible brine-to-water heat pumps provide heating and are also ideally suited to passive building cooling, optionally using waste heat recovery.

More information on the products:

> SI 35TUR
> SI 50TUR
> SI 70TUR
> SI 85TUR
> SI 130 TUR+

A powerful heat source: water.


Supreme efficiency, high temperatures, waste heat recovery:
Water-to-water heat pumps WI COM.

More information on the products:

> WI 35TU > WI 120TU
> WI 45TU > WI 180TU
> WI 65TU > WIH 120TU
> WI 95TU  
The powerful heat source: water gdd image


Intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dimplex heat pumps are SG Ready.

More and more energy is being extracted from environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources. Firstly, this protects the environment, but secondly poses a major challenge for the public power grids: Wind energy and photovoltaics from private households, commercial buildings or public facilities generate power on a decentralised basis. Depending on the weather conditions, they supply varying amounts of energy. This results in power generation peaks.

Smart grid-ready heat pumps can remove these power surpluses, convert them into heating energy and store them in buffer or domestic water tanks for subsequent use. Heat pumps protect the environment and the wallet of their owners by using the power primarily when it is especially favourable.


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State funding for Dimplex heat pumps.

Glen Dimplex helps you to receive maximum funding for your new heat pump. From planning and placing of the order, through to installation – our specialist technicians are always at your side.

We are here for you.

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