Compact brine-to-water heat pump for indoor installation. 11 kW heat output.

Well prepared for efficient geothermal heat usage.

The SIK 11TES is a compact brine-to-water heat pump with a 11 kW heat output for easy and efficient use in newly built single family homes with an area of up to 250 sqm. It can also optionally be used for cooling in summer. The use of load-variable tariffs or PV electricity is also possible thanks to SmartGridReady – just like with all other variants –.

  • Fast installation. Compact design with integrated components such as heating and brine circulating pump, expansion vessels and safety valve, as well as pressure gauge.
  • Naturally quiet. Max. 43 dB (A) sound power level. Sound-optimised through insulated metal casing and double vibration-isolated compressor.
  • Expansion options. Modular expansion to include domestic hot water preparation, built-under buffer tank and passive cooling. Even more efficient room temperature control Smart-RTC+.
  • Future-orientated. Use of load-variable tariffs or self-produced PV-electricity possible: SmartGrid Ready.
  • Intelligent. Eligible for funding in existing buildings thanks to high efficiency. Suitable for use in new builds for compliance with the German federal energy efficiency ordinance (EnEV) and Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG).
  • Adjustable. Including for special applications, such as use with a heat source temperature up to –10 °C.
  • Technical Data.

    Energy efficiency class* with 35 °C flow temperature: A+++

    Heat output B0/W35: 10,6 kW

    COP B0/W35: 5,0

    Lower operating limit heat source (heating operation): -5 Grad

    Upper operating limit heat source (heating operation): 25 Grad

    Max. flow temperature: 62 Grad

    Sound pressure level in 1 m (indoors): 31 dB(A)

    Width: 650 mm

    Height: 1110 mm

    Depth: 655 mm

    Weight: 147 kg

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