Dimplex Warmwasser Wärmepumpe DHW 301P+

DHW 301P+.

Hot water heat pump with 270 l storage volume.

Warm water. From the air.

The DHW 301P(+) hot water heat pumps are an efficient and economical solution for hot water production. Quickly installed, they can meet the year-round demand for hot water comfort in detached houses, flats or smaller two-family houses - in new buildings as well as in modernisation projects. The energy required for heating is extracted from the outside air (> -7°C), the ambient air or the air present in an adjacent room (waste heat). In addition, household rooms or cellars can be dehumidified or ventilated. A hot water temperature of up to 60°C is possible in pure heat pump operation. Optionally, thermal disinfection can be set up to 65°C by means of an additional electrical heating element. The DHW 301P series is ideal for combination with photovoltaic systems for intelligent use of self-generated PV energy. The hot water heat pumps impress with a low GWP of 3 due to the natural refrigerant propane (R290) and a COP of 3.10.

Thanks to the smooth tube heat exchanger integrated in the storage tank, the DHW 301P+ can be combined with a second heat generator, such as an oil or gas heating system.

  • Efficient and economical. Highly efficient hot water preparation with hot water temperatures up to 60°C in heat pump-only mode, additional heating element for thermal disinfection, energy efficiency class A+.
  • Smart with PV connection. PV feed-in possible for heat pump and heating rod.
  • Efficient heating and dehumidification. Use of the waste heat available in the cellar, heating or washing rooms and efficient dehumidification of household rooms or damp cellars.
  • Simple and quick installation. Ideally suited for water heating in existing buildings due to simple installation and compact dimensions. Installation possible without air supply from adjacent rooms through air duct.
  • Intuitive operation. Simple operation via rotary control and setting buttons for access to boost function, PV function, time programmes and much more.

Technical data.

Nominal storage volume: 265 l

Energy efficiency class* A+ 

Lower/upper operating limit heat source
for heat pump operation: - 7 bis + 45 °C

Dimensions (W x H x D):
in heat pump operation: + 30 bis + 60 °C ±1.5 K

COP according to EN 16147: 3,51

Sound pressure level at 1 m (inside): 40 db (A)

Net weight: 87 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 630 x 1812 x 630 mm

*Spectrum of energy efficiency class from A+ to F

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