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Air distribution system.
Radically simple.
Simply flexible.

Air 56 is an extremely flexible air distribution system that can
still be adjusted during the most critical phase of construction.

Feature “Extremely installation-friendly”.

The air distribution system from Dimplex is like a Lego system: extremely easy to install and quick to set up. The ventilation pipes can be bent flexibly in all directions. Thanks to the extremely installation-friendly design of the distribution system, adjustments at the construction site are no problem at all. Even if the building-owner changes his mind at short notice.

Simply space saving.

The flat installation height of max. 60 mm and the pipe diameter of 56 mm is extremely space-saving. During new builds, Air 56 is routed directly in the ceiling, wall, concrete or insulation layer. It can even be laid alongside electric cables.

Ventilation pipes and connections can be deployed everywhere on a flexible basis. When renovating old buildings, the depths of suspended ceilings may end up being shallower. There is even enough space inside shallow hollow walls. And even wall-coverings can be flatter in construction.

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A favourite 
among all installers.

Increased flexibility of the overall system, fewer individual components and easier installation – the Air 56 air distribution system makes work extremely easy for installers. Even when placing the order and completing the calculation.

Guaranteed package prices are determined in increments of 20 m², based on the living area to be ventilated. All of the package components that are needed for the installation are established by our planning team – from the pipes and the air manifold to the cover-lids.

A modular system. 1,000 possibilities.

The air casings, valve connections and air manifolds are also extremely adaptable and flexible. The LG 56-20 manifold can be adapted on site, according to the specific conditions in which the devices are to be connected and the location in which the system is to be installed. Any variation is possible and is included within the scope of supply. The LG 56-8 can be used both as a valve connection and also as a small manifold. Two of them can even be joined together to form a manifold with 12 connections. Even “standard” pipelines with a nominal width of 75 mm offer full flexibility with regard to its ability to be combined with the Air 56. This is simple to achieve using the LG HS 56 Y-section, which fits directly into the connections of the air casings.

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Hygienically pure right from the start.

In order to prevent any dirt or dust from entering the system during installation, open pipes and connection pieces can be closed off with ease on site using stoppers.

As soon as the unit is up and running, there will always be a sufficient current of air. It is therefore impossible for dust deposits to settle. And if the unit is ever switched off, the roundness of the pipe and its smooth inner surfaces mean that the entire system is easy to clean.

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Design valves.
Individual design.
Simply beautiful.

Are you hoping to avoid any unappealing installations that spoil the appearance of your ceiling or wall and would you prefer valves that form a stylish addition to the feel and appearance of your room?

Design panels from Dimplex add high-quality accents to the room.

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Better planning and installation.
With the Air 56 air distribution system.

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