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Dimplex Home App.
Smart control for Dimplex heat pumps.

Intelligence from the cloud.
For Dimplex heat pump models.

The new heat pumps, such as M Flex, LA 35TBS, LA 60S-TU(R) or LI 16I-TUR are delivered with touch display as standard. Optionally, a NWPM Touch network card can be ordered additionally. It allows you to connect to the Glen Dimplex cloud and therefore enables access with iOS or Android mobile devices via the Dimplex Home app.
You can control your Dimplex heat pump with touch display intuitively via your smart device with the Dimplex Home app. Logging into the Microsoft Azure cloud is easy and secure due to the standardised login process.

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Direct operation.

A TAN can be generated on the touch display of the heat pump; this enables it to be linked to a smart device such as an iPhone or iPad for the system operator, user or a service technician. The system operator has the option to delete the access of all linked users if required.

The Dimplex heat pump with touch display is connected to the router with the NWPM Touch network card via a LAN cable.

Convenient control.
From anywhere. At any time.

Using the Dimplex Home app, you can access the heat pump control at any time and from anywhere.

Using the intuitively designed app interface, you can easily make the most important settings to the heat pump, such as summer/winter switching or setting the hot water temperature. In combination with the intelligent room temperature control, the temperature can also be set for up to 20 rooms depending on the user via the app; it can even be combined with weekly programs.

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Everything from one source.
Heat pump and ventilation in an integrated system.

The controller integrated in the heat pump intelligently and automatically ensures efficient and convenient operation. In combination with controlled domestic ventilation M Flex Air, the most important functions/operating data of the ventilation system connected to the heat pumps is visualised. The current fan stage can be changed conveniently via the app.

The main functions.
At a glance.

  • Quick and convenient monitoring of the heat pump status/operating data.
  • Display of runtimes and timings as well as inputs and outputs.
  • Change of mode and set temperatures of the heating circuits and domestic hot water preparation.
  • Demo mode in order to be able test or demonstrate the app even without a heat pump.

In order to use the Dimplex Home app, an active Internet connection, a Dimplex heat pump with network card and M3.2 software or higher is required.

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Data security.
Ensured at all times.

The sensitive subject of data security plays a particular role when it comes to software solutions: the network card must therefore only be activated when directly in front of the system and with the serial number. It is therefore ensured that only the system operator can log in and manage the rights for additional users via the app.

All data is stored anonymised and separately from personal information in the cloud. The system operator can also assign access rights to the installer or service personnel and revoke them if required. This means that they always have control over their data.