Compact air-to-water heat pump for indoor installation. 8 kW heat output.

Simply set up indoors, done.

The LIK 8TES is a compact air-to-water heat pump for indoor installation. This means that the heat source air can be used even if there is no suitable installation site outside. The heat output of 8 kW is ideal for newly built single family homes or renovations with a heated living area of up to 175 sqm. The integrated 90° air deflection, the air intake opening on the rear side and the air outlet opening on the right mean that the device can be set up in any corner. All required heating components are already integrated in the casing. This means that the compact device can be connected extremely quickly and easily. With the integrated connection for a domestic hot water cylinder, domestic hot water preparation can also be added at a later stage.

  • Fast installation. Compact air-to-water heat pump with integrated components for heating systems. Including connection for domestic hot water cylinder and 50 l buffer tank.
  • Flexible. The integrated air circuit with 90° air deflection enables installation in a corner without air ducts or wall installation with air ducts on the air outlet side. Variable installation thanks to air intake from the rear, flexible air outlet to the right, left or top, and the option of making the hydraulic connections from right to left.
  • Really quiet. Sound optimised through the low-noise axial fan, enclosed compressor chamber and free-swinging compressor base plate.
  • Future-orientated. Use of load-variable tariffs or self-produced PV-electricity possible: SmartGrid Ready. Even more efficient room temperature control Smart-RTC+.
  • More control. Thermal energy meter for heating and domestic hot water preparation optionally available.
  • Always up-to-date.

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