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DHW 400+.

Domestic hot water heat pump with 385 l cylinder volume
and additional heat exchanger.

Store electricity with hot water.

The DHW 400+ is ideal for everyone who generates their electricity from renewable sources, such as using a PV plant. Thanks to the large 385 litre cylinder volume, self-generated electricity can be stored in the form of hot water, enabling adaptation to variable-load tariffs. With the additional heat exchanger, a solar thermal plant or an existing oil/gas boiler can be easily integrated to assist in providing hot water.

  • Efficient heating Domestic hot water preparation from waste heat in single-family homes.
  • Intelligent storage. Use your own photovoltaic energy for domestic hot water – with three different desired temperatures.
  • Compatible in many ways. Remote control via energy management or building management systems possible via RS-485 interface.
  • Comfortable. LC display with capacitive touch control.
  • Economical. Minimal losses thanks to optimal insulation.
  • Good-looking. Compact dimensions and modern design for the installation room.
  • Plenty in storage. Thanks to the large 385 litre domestic hot water cylinder, electricity generated from a photovoltaic plant or based on variable-load tariffs can be stored.

Technical data.

Energy efficiency category*: A+

Nominal cylinder volume: 385 l

Lower/upper operating limit on use of heat source
for heat pump operation: +7 to +35 °C

Hot water adjustment range
in heat pump operation: +20 to +60 °C ±1.5 K

Net weight: 132 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 740 x 2043 x 776 mm

*Range of energy efficiency category from A+ to F

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