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To be a leader in the transition to a sustainable world.

With electrical solutions for cooling, heating and ventilation.

In the field of heat pump (Dimplex) and refrigeration circuit technology (Riedel), we at Glen Dimplex have made it our mission to help make the world even more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

This is why our heating, ventilation and cooling systems are powered solely by electricity: the only energy that can be produced using completely renewable, CO2-free sources. We are also helping to drive the Energy Transformation forward with resource-saving and energy-saving ideas. From intelligent, networked energy management and heat recovery concepts, through to the use of natural refrigerants. And we've been doing this since 1976, not just since yesterday.


Our purpose.
For a more sustainable future.

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  • The climate pioneer in the fields of heat pump and refrigeration circuit technology.
  • For more energy efficiency & climate protection, not since yesterday, but since 1976.
  • Clear focus on climate-friendly heating, cooling and ventilation with electricity.

Acting sustainably for generations, over several generations.



quality of life.

  • Using natural sources responsibly for energy generation.
  • Focussed on the needs of the customer.
  • A more comfortable climate (e.g. through quiet operation).
  • Smart Home technologies – for more user comfort and energy efficiency.

For a good (living) feeling and an excellent climate.


  • CO2-neutral heating, cooling, ventilation with electricity from renewable energies (e.g. solar power).
  • Using and converting energy from the ground, water or air.
  • Saving energy through the high energy efficiency of the devices (low SCOP value) and heat recovery.
  • Use of natural refrigerants (GWP 3).

Efficient use of energy.



to the future.

  • Networked energy management – e.g. with PV & battery storage.
  • Maximum use of state funding programmes.
  • Development of systems that save even more electricity.
  • Driving forward resource-saving innovations.
  • High quality and long service life of the products.

Thinking of the future. With highly developed, high-quality products.

Two brands. One goal:
Maximum energy efficiency.

Pioneer of heat pump technology.

Dimplex was the first to use the ground, air and water for heating to build highly efficient heat pumps. Combined with intelligent heat recovery and ventilation concepts for private and commercial buildings.





Precision for efficient cooling.

Riedel has been focusing on individual, energy-efficient machine and process cooling for industrial, commercial and medical applications for years. And is helping to shape an efficient and sustainable cooling process of the future.