System M.
The new generation heat pump.

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5 Advantages. One system.

Modular, minimalist, made in Germany, made-to-measure... System M brings all of these principles together. But what specific benefit do you get from bringing System M into your home? Each individual advantage is persuasive. But it’s when they come together that they create a unique overall solution, so extraordinary you’ll grow accustomed to this heating system from the very first day, and you’ll never want to do without it again. “Because you can’t outsmart physics.

German Design Award 2018 System M

And the Winner is ... System M!

The modular heat pump system System M has been awarded the German Design Award 2018 in the “Energy” category. The internationally renowned prize is awarded every year to honour outstanding product design by the “German Design Council” foundation launched in 1953 at the initiative of the FRG.

In this year’s competition, Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) triumphed against around 2000 nominees – proving that System M is a real innovation!

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Design. Radically attractive & functional.

You want a heating system that takes up as little space as possible in the cellar or, even more importantly, the utility room. A system that fits in perfectly, adapting itself to its environment. A system with quality you can see and feel. That is why we developed System M.

System M
gdts wall mount for system m Image

Floats in front of
the wall. System M
wall bracket.

The System M wall bracket enables the outdoor unit of the System M Compact heat pump to be quickly and easily installed directly on the wall

Saves time and money: No foundation required - this means that the installation and mounting can take place in the early stages of construction.

Subtle integration: No visible cables – the refrigerant lines and condensate drain are cleverly hidden and integrated almost invisibly in the building.

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Operation. Radically intuitive.

System M requires no instruction manual: because all settings can be carried out easily and transparently – on the innovative touch display on the device or via the GDTS Home App on your smart device. Available in the > Apple App Store and > Google Play Store.

You can see everything at a glance and control everything with your finger tip – every actual and desired temperature for every room. Every setting for the weekend or for your holiday, the ventilation level, the quick-heat option.

And because System M has an internet connection in any version, it can inform the installer or after-sales service of irregularities automatically if desired – and is always ready for updates.

dimplex home app handy

Sound. Radically quiet.

You want a heating system that uses the free, endless supply of thermal energy in the air. A system that therefore has an external unit with a fan, but is nonetheless almost inaudible. A system that even reassures your neighbours – because it doesn’t just sound quiet, it looks quiet, too. That is why we developed System M.

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions System M Sound
GDTS System M noise quiet image

Always out of earshot.

Complaints about how loud your heat pump is? Never heard it. With System M, a 5m distance from your neighbours is completely adequate – in whatever direction. And the best thing: the most important building and noise directives are fully met. System M is always remarkably quiet. You have our word!

Plus: Inverter. Comfort. Always.

Maximum comfort with optimized performance – is that possible? Yes, heat pumps with inverter technology really can offer both: They offer comfort when you need it. And performance when required.

Been walking in the rain with the kids and the dog and now you all need a hot shower? Not a problem. Depending on the size of the domestic hot water cylinder, a family of five can take a generous shower one after the other. And what about the dog? More hot water is needed. A heat pump with inverter always responds flexibly…

gdts heat pump system m inverter dog image
gdts heat pump system m: power temperature inverter image

Power? Only if needed.

A heat pump with inverter works less during low heat consumption and more during high heat consumption. Because it can adapt its power continuously, it always reaches the desired room temperature with the smallest possible energy consumption – whatever the current season and heating demands. This saves on energy costs in spring and autumn in particular.


System M


System M




Compact Plus.


Comfort Plus.

  • Heating capacity: 6 kW


  • Heating capacity: 9 kW / 12 kW
  • 180-litre hot water tank included


  • 220-litre hot water tank included
  • Controlled via touch display or GDTS Home App


  • Controlled via touch display or GDTS Home App
  • Attractive customisation options


  • Attractive customisation options
Additional benefits of Compact Plus:   Additional benefits of Comfort Plus:
Heating capacity: 4 – 6 kW


  • Heating capacity: 9 – 16 kW
Inverter technology included


  • Inverter technology included
    Also available with cooling function:
    Comfort (Plus) Cooling
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