Dimplex: M Flex.

Dimplex: M Flex.

The plug and heat principle. A complete heating system quick and easy to install. 


The new M Flex air-to-water heat pump from Glen Dimplex Deutschland’s Dimplex brand is available in two versions, either with six to nine or with nine to 16 kW heat output. Both the outdoor and the indoor unit have a compact and space saving design. The design features reassuringly high-quality materials, clearly accentuated surfaces and excellent workmanship.

The speed-controlled owl wing fan in the outdoor unit of the heat pump is extremely quiet, ensuring that the neighbours will not be disturbed, even on small sites. At full power, it is almost as quiet (35 dB(A)) at a distance of five metres as in a peaceful bedroom (30 dB(A)). The compressor has been deliberately shifted into the indoor unit.

Optional wall bracket.

The outdoor unit can be directly mounted on the wall of the building using an optional wall bracket. The necessary connections and lines are hidden by the wall bracket.

All the key components are factory installed in the M Flex indoor unit. This saves time and money on installation. The indoor and outdoor unit are connected by a refrigerant pipe up to ten metres in length. No time-consuming and costly core drilling is necessary.

The entire system is intuitive to control using a clearly laid out 4.3 inch colour touch display.

Intelligent technology integrated.

The integrated inverter technology enables the heat pump output to be intelligently adapted to the actual heat consumption. As a result, it does less work when heat consumption is low and more when it is high. This means that more heating power is immediately available on cold days. The system adapts its output continuously and always reaches the desired room temperature with the lowest possible energy consumption. The power reserve of the inverter shortens the domestic hot water heat-up phase, thus delivering even greater comfort. In night mode, with a maximum reduction of five percent of the output, it still provides sufficient energy. 

Sensible expansion.

Modular components supplement and expand the performance of the new M Flex heat pump. It can be combined with matching domestic hot water cylinders with a capacity of 300, 400 or 500 litres.

It can also be perfectly combined with the M Flex Air central ventilation unit from Dimplex. Matching the design of the heat pump, the ventilation unit not only ensures a perfect room climate but also features heat recovery and, in one version, also moisture recovery. Thanks to reversible directions of air flow, the M Flex Air is flexible to install and features integrated air quality sensors, a pollen filter and optionally fine dust filters, an electric preheating and reheating register and an intake side condensate connection for cooled buildings.


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