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SI series.

Brine-to-water heat pump for indoor installation.


Energy? Comes out of the ground.

Green on top. Underneath, the heat pump is working.

Brine-to-water heat pumps use the ground as an endless thermal storage source. With probes at depths of up to 100 meters, the stored heat is absorbed and converted into pure energy. Even when it is icy on top: the permanent temperature of 10°C in the ground makes efficient use possible, as the flow temperature remains constant even in the winter. If the site is large enough, energy can also be “harvested” via collectors.


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GDD Dimplex Wärmepumpe SI Haus Garten Kollektoren

Use environmental energy twice.

The brine-to-water heat pumps for indoor installation impress with maximum coefficients of performance (COPs) and low operating costs. They don’t just heat and generate domestic hot water – they are also ideal for passive cooling in summer. Perfect for one- to two-family homes or small apartment blocks.

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What is the right system for me?

Brine-to-water heat pumps utilise ground heat which is transferred via a heat exchanger to a mixture of frost protection and water, the so-called brine. Various different systems can act as a heat source.

Ground collectors are laid horizontally; nothing may be constructed on top of them. A garden area that corresponds to at least 2 - 3 times the heated living area, is required for laying the pipes at a depth of approx. 1.2m.

If there is not enough horizontal space or if additional cooling is required, geothermal probe boreholes are drilled vertically into the ground.


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Standard or tailored?

Thanks to the variety of devices, the suitable system can always be compiled for the relevant application. In addition to the basic function heating, these products can also be used for passive cooling or domestic hot water preparation. It is even possible to heat a swimming pool. Always maximum efficiency.

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Save greener.

The heat pumps from the SI-series have been awarded the A++ energy label – the top mark for energy efficiency.

Everything in perfect control. Integrated and controlled.

The perfect comfort temperature – controlled easily via your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the Smart Room Heating App. Now you can use your heat pump energy efficiently, integrated and controlled at all times.


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SI TU. High-efficiency heat pump for heating purposes.

Suitable for new builds and renovating existing buildings – with a heated living space of 100m2 to 500m2.

High coefficient of performance (COP) thanks to the sophisticated refrigeration circuit and COP booster. Universal design with flexible expansion options for.

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> SI 6TU

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> SI 22TU

SIK TES. Heat pump for heating purposes in a compact design.

Suitable for new builds and renovating existing buildings – with a heated living space of 100m2 to 300m2. Compact design with integrated components! Can be expanded with an optional 200 litre domestic hot water cylinder.

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GDD heat pumps SIW TES with domestic hot water cylinder integrated image

SIW TES. Heat pump for heating purposes in a compact design. Domestic hot water cylinder integrated.

With the integrated 170 litre domestic hot water cylinder, ideal for homes with up to four people and underfloor heating over an area of 100m² to 250m². Super-quiet operation. Optional: passive cooling.

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SIH TE. High-temperature heat pump for heating purposes in universal design.

Heat pump (brine/water) for indoor installation with two performance levels. Where necessary, flow temperatures of up to 70°C, e.g. for operation with radiators or for domestic hot water preparation over 60°C. Universal design with optional domestic hot water preparation. Flexible expansion options.

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> SIH 20 TE

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Everything you need. From a single supplier.

The better the building insulation, the more important ventilation is, for energy efficiency, health and real estate value. Combine your heat pump with central or decentral ventilation systems from Glen Dimplex Deutschland.


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Which heat pump do I need?

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The wonder of the heat pump – Simply use more environmental energy. No other heating system works as efficiently, economically and environmentally-friendly.