Reversible air-to-water heat pump in split design (230 V). 14 kW heat output.

Minimum space requirements, maximum efficiency.

The LAK 14IMR in split design with 14 kW heat output is ideal for living areas up to 300 sqm. The indoor unit (Hydrobox) is mounted on the wall and enables easy connection to the heating system. And everything is integrated: the control, the heat circulating pump and the pipe heater. Optional cooling is also available in summer. All components are optimally coordinated and guarantee comfortable room temperatures throughout the year.

  • Fast installation. Compact heating system with optional cooling.
  • Minimal space requirement. Compact outdoor unit and wall-mounted Hydro-Box with integrated pipe heater for domestic hot water reheating up to 60° C and as a reserve for heating operation.
  • Expansion options. Bivalent or bivalent-renewable operation, distribution systems with mixed and unmixed heating circuits (e.g. underfloor heating and radiators). Once the building is complete, a floor-standing domestic hot water cylinder and a 50 l buffer tank can be added to the system where necessary.
  • Future-orientated. Use of load-variable tariffs or self-produced PV-electricity possible: SmartGrid Ready. 5 year warranty when commissioned by the GDTS after-sales service.

Technical Data.

Heat output max. A7/W35 | COP A7/W35: 14,6 kW | 4,4

Energy efficiency class* with 35 °C flow temperature: A++

Cooling capacity A27/W18: 16,4 kW

EER A27/W18: 3,8

Lower operating limit heat source (heating operation): -20 Grad

Upper operating limit heat source (heating operation): 30 Grad

Lower operating limit heat source (cooling operation): 10 Grad

Upper operating limit heat source (cooling operation): 43 Grad

Max. flow temperature: 55 Grad

Indoor component width: 450 mm

Height indoor component: 694 mm

Depth indoor component: 240 mm

Indoor component weight: 25 kg

Sound pressure level in 10 m: 37 dB(A)

Sound pressure level in 1 m (indoors): 35 dB(A)

Width: 950 mm

Height: 1380 mm

Depth: 330 mm

Weight: 119 kg

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